Need a modeler for a quick case design (filigree style)

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    Hi Everyone -
    I am trying to make a small "case" to hold paper cartridges for civil war reenactment. This is not period correct, but an idea that I had.

    I would like the "case" sides to be a repeating pattern to basically create a filigree.
    My latest attempt resulted in a STL file that is too large to load.

    So - I turn to the community.

    Anyone interested?

    Essentially making a filigree box.

    Can you give me an idea of timing and cost?

    Source files attached. (target size of the background squares would be approximately 0.5" square (but basically just want them to be the width of the side walls on the model.)
    I can provide a sketchup file and additional source image for the filigree pattern.

    Overall: 1.4214595" wide, 0.5407402" deep and ~2.7893701" tall.

    Interior dimensions: 1.3425196" wide by 0.462" deep by ~2.75" tall.
    assumes a 1mm base.

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