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    I am looking for someone to replicate the attached pin, or to create a close facsimile thereof. I am open to design suggestions; one of my ideas is to add three "X"s onto the pedestal of the dragon under the "IFGS"; perhaps as "xXx" or as three "X's of the same size with the center one raised at half the height of the other two "X"s. The pin is about 3 inches in height.

    We need 10 of these items. They are Service Awards pins for the 30th anniversary of the IFGS (

    If you are willing and able to do this, I'd like a price quote and delivery schedule, please! We'd like the material to be either silver, brass, bronze, or copper - in a non-tarnish formulation if this is possible. If you can create this in multiple materials I would very much appreciate a quote for the pins in each material.

    Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


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    Try posting in the '3d Modeller Needed' thread.
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    No need, I'll move it there.
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    Anyone? Anyone at all? I've heard nothing ...