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    Hi! I have an idea for 3D printing, but I am totally new in that area of business, so I would want to a professional designer do the thing.
    You probably havent been introduced with this game, League of Legends, but there is a character in a game of which I would want to be 3D printed as a figure. I don't really know the scale I want, but over 54mm because I am not looking for a Role Playing game figure like an ogre or dwarf or something, but a decorative figure that could be shown to friends without looking through a magnifier. I don't have a back view of the character, but I have a link to the front view. You can use your imagination but with the same colors and wear than in front of course. &d=1322458677
    also here a gameplay view of the Volibear _2011/2011_11_25_Volibear_revealed/volibear6.png

    Unlike in those pictures, the elbow shields or other glowing parts dont have to glow in the figure. The pose should be same if just possible. I don't even know is the idea possible to create for you. But try your best. Also, please first send me some concept progress and info to my E-Mail (ask it through private message) before you finish it, so I can approve it.
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    Hey, I used to be an avid LOL player as well!!

    Check out there are a couple models there couldn't see if they were downloadable cause of the filtering service here at work.

    If they are and they're close to what you want I can help you get them ready for printing.
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