Need a double check.

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  1. DaniSang
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    Hello people,

    I would like to ask a request to some of you to give a double check upon my work. Currently I'm creating this necklace for myself and I was wondering if this would come out well ones I would print it out in stainless steel. For me the most important thing is that the words come out properly and are readable. .html?li=modelEdit

    ThQ for your time.
  2. Innovo
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    I think it would be fine but you can add a bit of height to the extruded letters to be certain.
    I've printed 0.5 mm extrusions with no problems. Of course the more extruded, the more visible the letters will be when viewed.

  3. lensman
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    Not able to see your model since you copied the URL while in Edit mode...

    You have to keep this in mind with extrusions (speaking from experience with lots of rejections) if the width of the character is .05mm then the height can be no more than .05mm. If you made it 1mm for example, it would be rejected for the "thin wall" issue...

    And to clairfy, when I say "width of character" I mean the stroke of the character not the entire letter (i.e. the vertical part of the letter "I")