Need A designer for custom lego helmets.

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    Hello Everyone.

    My name is Dakota Colley, and I am in need of a designer for very exact projects.
    I have had great fortune with designers for lego armor, weapons, and equipment. And I am now in need of a desinger to make nothing but lego custom helmets to go with my other projects.

    The quality of the helmets must match the quality of the armor they are to be used with, I will provide the photos of the armor quality for each design in order for the helmet to work well with the designs.
    The helmets must - and i am putting emphasis on MUST- fit lego figure heads in order to be worn by figures; I do not want there to be a delima with the helmet being either to big or to small to fit on the heads of lego figures. I will provide photos of the figures head beside a ruler, as well as shots of existing lego helmets in order for you to get a proper render of the helmet to work with the figures head.
    Some Helmets will also need an attachment(s) made to work with them. This vary from a seperating visor, to hud attachments such as binoculars, hazmat equipment, and cameras.

    I will of course be paying for the designs to be made, but I will also be needing to have the rights to use these for my custom lego company "Republic Customs". Nogociating details can be arranged.
    Constant updates will be required on these helmets.

    If you are interested in doing this, please contact me and provide photos or 3D renders of some work. If I like what I see we can work something out.

    Thank you for your time.
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    pm send
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    i'm a jewellery Designer, and i work with a 10/ Millimeter.
    Please send me some pictures, what you want, so wie could figure out what is possible.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Andreas Wieneke
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