Need A Custom Lego Modeler.

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  1. AtomicBricks
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    My name is Dakota Colley, I am in need of a Custom Lego weapons designer to make weapons for my company.
    I run a small growing lego customs business called Republic Customs.
    The weapons themes must vary from all sorts of Scifi feilds to modern warfeare/ combat weaponary.
    If you are interested please contact me and send photos of your works, if I like what I see we can work somthing out.

    Thank you in advance.
    Dakota Colley
    Republic Customs :cool:


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  2. Dotsan
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    Hi Dakota, this is an opportunity I have been looking forward to for some time.

    I have developed Lego customs and accessories for a few clients and would be happy to help you. I have more samples I can share but not on a public forum.

    Here is a blank

    Lego Customised by Dot San, on Flickr

    Please see my Shapeways reviews

    email me with your request to
  3. rangio
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    maybe I can help. I like weapon design, even though I dropped after discovering nerf guns, they're just too good. I modeled this some 3 years ago to test a milling material
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  4. HyperForm
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    Just out of curiosity ... how well do those printed pieces fit the lego blocks. Apart from the micron-level precision required I'd guess the plastic used for lego blocks has a very specific, small level of elasticity. The cheep Lego knock-offs I have seen don't fit as well ... partially because of a different material used. How does it compare to the materials available at Shapeways ?
  5. Dotsan
    Dotsan Well-Known Member
    Hi, there has not been any problems with WSF or FUD this is due to the small size of parts and my accurate measuring. I know warping can happen for long thin parts, it's always best to test.