Need A 3d Printer To Help With Dress Design

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by anddown, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. anddown
    anddown Member
    I am looking for someone that can help me with printing a pattern for a dress. If you have experience with 3D printing for clothing, please feel free to message me. I would prefer it if you lived in Europe.
  2. Nikgotshape
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  3. Hi, i need to know any website who are offering embroidered apparel for usa region on best prices & quick delivery?
  4. DigitCat
    DigitCat Member
    Which State?
  5. USA state.
    However i found for apparel , i think it is the best choice for me.
  6. DigitCat
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    USA is a big country....

    I'm not sure if some of this offers 3D printing for clothing, but there are quite a lot 3d printing companies on a map. I don't see an option to ask for a help to choose the right company for your needs. Seems you have to ask each company near your location separately.