Need 3D of Gear Sphere

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  1. orion2185
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    I'm looking for someone to make me a copy of the gear sphere seen in these links.

    see the item here in youtube video:

    Here you can find a download file to make this object (papercraft)
    however, the file is a .pdo file
    I only have Macs...and this file can only be used with Windows.

    link to .pdo file

    looking to have someone recreate this object- but in a file format that I can send to Shapeways to "grow this".

    please contact me if you can help.
    Turn around time- looking to do this pretty quickly

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    JACANT Well-Known Member
  3. orion2185
    orion2185 New Member
    Thanks for that
    this could be of use for me as well....

    but looking to create exact copy of the version I listed links for

  4. orion2185
    orion2185 New Member
    Just tried to upload the file to Shapeways...
    can not make the gearshphere posted by JACANT

    email from shapeways..
    We just finished processing your product, Gears92, and ran a few checks on it to make sure your product can be printed.

    Unfortunately, we were not able to process and thus print your product. The error message was:
    Our Mesh Medic could not fix/unify your product in time.

    We have already tried correcting the issue using our Mesh Medic.
    JACANT Well-Known Member
    I forgot to ask, exactly what size do you want? If it is anything like the size in the video it will be very expensive.
    I can't promise I will finish it , but i will have a tinker with it over the weekend.
  6. orion2185
    orion2185 New Member
    Does not have to be the same size.

    I'm new to the whole 3D print world....
    what kind of price are we talking about (if we were to match size)?

    JACANT Well-Known Member
    The model I have partly made is based on a 100mm sphere, as you can see I still have to create the large gears. The small gear needs tweaking and I have not done any way of attaching the gears to the base. All the pieces so far are hollow with a 1mm thick wall, to try to keep the price down. I still can't promise to finish it as we have family over for the weekend.
    I told you it would be expensive, the model in pepakura is H220 W180 D181 so you can imagine the price at that size.

    gear sphere.png
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    JACANT Well-Known Member
    Do the gears have to be removeable? If so it means more work to design a device for keeping the gears in place.
  9. orion2185
    orion2185 New Member
    no the gears dont have to be removeable. If by that you mean detach from the large sphere shape.

    they must function by turning
  10. JACANT
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  11. JACANT
    JACANT Well-Known Member
    I have had advice from 'Service' :-
    "I just checked your model, and there are several issues with the model.
    The first thing is the tolerance between the parts, 0.25mm is not enough for the length you have used, there is a high risk of the model getting fused together.
    And if this does not happen, the powder is stuck as we cannot clean very well between those parts."

    So back to the 'drawing board'. I will try to cut down on the volume.The parts will come separate, to be assembled by the buyer.
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  12. orion2185
    orion2185 New Member
    ok please keep me posted

  13. JACANT
    JACANT Well-Known Member
    Job Done. When assembled I have left a 2mm hole in the top of the gears to attach them to the 1.5mm x 6mm deep hole in the frame. I could create a 'plug' to go in this, but being so small they would get lost in the production process. See photo 2 for how the parts will be printed. g92456
    Looking at the configuration on the video it is only possible to have three large gears.
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  14. orion2185
    orion2185 New Member
    Looks good

    I see we have to put this together. Which is not an issue.
    however, how would we attach the gears to the framework?

    Looking at the configuration on the video it is only possible to have three large gears. 
    not sure what you mean by this. I do know the version I sent- the sphere is not complete. A gear or 2 is missing. Is this what you are saying?
  15. JACANT
    JACANT Well-Known Member
    I was thinking something in the line of a small pin or screw to fix the gears in place.
    There is only one configuration for the gears to work.
    Three large and nine small gears, which ever way you look at it.
  16. orion2185
    orion2185 New Member
    is this a complete sphere of gears?

    or, is at as seen in the sample video...with a section of gears missing?
    Can't tell from the 3d pics you have sent.
  17. JACANT
    JACANT Well-Known Member
    It is a complete sphere as previous image shows. The frame has 12 sides. Having 3 large and 9 small gears.
    Here is one more image from a different angle.
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  18. orion2185
    orion2185 New Member
    ok thanks for clearing that up

    I would be able to use the complete sphere.

    are you able to make one that has the gears missing? As seen in the sample video. As this is what I'm after the most.
  19. JACANT
    JACANT Well-Known Member
    No problem, That should bring the price down.
    How many gears do you want.
    I will just upload a new file with less gears, but keep the full set in case anybody else wants it.
    Looking at the video again it looks like 3 large and 6 small gears.
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  20. orion2185
    orion2185 New Member
    great thank

    please keep the full sphere. As I will order one of those as well.

    lets go with that 3 large and 6 small