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    I need 3D models of plants that I can then print using shapeways (.obj .3ds .stl). I plan to use the multicolor sandstone so color will be important. These plants will be used to teach people how to identify common lawn weeds so I would say detail has to be at about medium. It is important that the plants can be told apart. I am attaching a pdf with pictures as well as an example of what i want the finished product to look like (similar to an artifical plant you would find in a household aquarium). You have artistic license with these. They just need to look believable and be able to be printed from a 3d printer.

    If this sounds like something you can do send me a link to your portfolio and we can discuss prices.


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    Hi my name is Clint MacLean and i think i can tackle the project that you posted with the plants. my website is
    i was wondering if you could offer me any more information about the project concerning price and/or time to complete should you find me a match for it! thanks!