Need 3D modeler who can do face-to-face meetings in NYC/Westchester area

Discussion in '3D Jobs Board' started by aischw, May 28, 2013.

  1. aischw
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    I am starting a new venture and have a number of pretty fleshed out ideas that I'm ready to have designed and 3d printed. I have tried working with a number of people remotely and it has not worked out. At this stage I really want to work with someone I can meet in person from time to time.

    If you live/work in the NYC/Westchester area please contact me to discuss.

    Thank you.

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  2. Joesnyc
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    Hey, have you found any 3D print designers in NYC yet?
  3. aischw
    aischw New Member
    We are talking to several people but have not settled on anyone. In any event, we anticipate using multiple vendors. My name is Adam and thanks for responding to my post. I can give you the 50 thousand foot view of what we are doing and if you have interest we can get together and discuss it.

    You are likely aware electronic cigarette. The standard product is essentially a small plastic tube resembling an actual cigarette that heats nicotine "juice" and emits water vapor. However, there is a lesser know, fast growing segment of this market that has been dominated by enthusiastic hobbyists. That category consists of stainless steel vaporizers made in many interchangeable parts.

    My partner has a number of fairly well thought out designs that represent incremental improvements on the current state of the art in vaping. We are looking for an experienced CAD/3D designer who can help make those visions a reality.

  4. apowell55
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    Hi this Anthony

    From yonkers, and I need help bring my 200 Redesigned ideas that coves ten industries. to life but all total I have about well over 1000 designs. let me know if you can help me, your 3 D printer will make it possible,i take it that you know the cad program. lets talk and see how things go, lets make some money together..ok if so call me at 914 619 7078 if I don t answer just leave your name and till then....have a great day.