need 3D modeler for army rc transport truck body, chassis (1/24 scale)

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  1. mountainhigh
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    I will introduce my self to start with.
    I'm Dillen and i live in holland.
    So excuse for the bad English.

    I am looking for some one to model a 1/24 scale truck for me.

    It is for a rc truck.
    So the cabine body has to be hollow/emptey from the in side.

    The outside i would like to have every detail on it.
    Only WITH OUT wheels/tires on the chassis and canvas on the back body.
    So basicly the back body is yust a detailed cargo/troop transport box with poles for real canvas.

    And if possible the cabine, chassis and back body desinged separealey from each other!

    I will show a example picture.
    From this website.

    this is how i would like the cabine, back body chassis look like

    And if you remove the back body.
    Then you can see the chassis body work, like on the pictures from example website!

    Some one up for the chalange or got some questions contact me here or on my mail.
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    BAROBA New Member
    Dag Dillen,

    Tis misschien wel handig dat je iemand kiest die Nederlands spreekt? Ik stuur je een PM.

  3. Reidh
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    dude what is the distance across the front ( width ) and from the front to the back ( length ) in English Feet. I am from US and I use ft,/ in.

    I found address on line with other smaller features dimesions here; vehicles_en.pdf

    are those dimension in centimeters?

    any way can help it you are patient. I dare say you could learn to draw in 3d on Blender 3D GPL maybe as fast as I could model it for you.

    reminds me of the Mini OOG. aren't you Dutch? I thought Blender was developed by a Dutch Guy.
    In 1988, Ton Roosendaal co-founded the Dutch animation studio NeoGeo.

    see here /

    any way let me know. I can dig an RC powered Army truck. cool to go with your tanks etc. Sort of an RC war games KriegSpiel yahwhol! hah ha.
  4. mountainhigh
    mountainhigh New Member
    hey reidh,

    to be onnest i don't know how many feet the truck is, I have to calculate it.
    Any way the truck is 9445mm long and if google calculator is right its 30,9875328 feet!

    The dimensions they use online in your link is in milimeters! nice links thanks.
    By the way the truck i would like to have designed is some where in there with lot of details with it!

    Ones again it's the T 815-790R99 38 300 8X8.1R heavy troop transport like on the picture in my post.
    And if you take the back body off (troop cargobox). It looks like the truck above it, the heavy cargo transport.

    I say this because in the pdf link the 2 trucks got the same serial / name number but don't have the same lenght and hight and all that details!

    So keep in mind i want the heavy TROOP transport to be desinged and the back chassis only looks like the heavy CARGO transport but with the the lenghts and hights of the troop transporter.

    I hope it's clear because i'm a little bit onsecure about my english and afraid that explain the details wrong about the truck.

    I don't own a good inuf computer to run that kind of progams thats why i need some on else to do it for me.
    i whish i could take a look at the 3D modeling looks fun to me.

    I didn't know it about the dutch guy. Yes i'm dutch by the way.
    Now you start about the subject it ring some small bells.
    I rember something about a TV news interview they talked about 3d printing and modeling and how it would become big in the future!
    And thats now and i dind't know all that things from ton roosendaal and blender.

    So thanks for the info, fun to know.

    Hahaha and your right it's for my first big real rc project.
    And it haves to fit with my tanks and army Hummer im working on.
  5. Reidh
    Reidh New Member

    here is another better more specific link efence/more-trucks/8x8-high-mobility-heavy-duty-universal-ca rgo-troop-carrier/

    I believe it is exactly what you want.

    it gives the wheel base(s).

    I think I will go with the lesser dimension because that distance ( across the front of the driver cab ) is less.

    I however like to know for certain, if you have a friend you trust see if he/she can help you find out what is that measurement. I will too
    and you really ought to look into that site. There might be people in your own country that are near and interested in helping you to learn their software. How far are you from Amsterdam? An hours drive? Dude, that guy Ton might live in your neighborhood.

    I always have had a fond regard for the Dutch because their language is the closest to english of any other european language on the continent.
    How that is, I still have not found out. :eek: