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    To All Experienced 3D Modelers in the Community

    I have a U.S. patent on a decorative flip flop accessory and am in need of a 3D modeler to work for me taking my ideas and making them into decorative designs (3D) that will become part of the product. There are 2 components to my product and the decorative designs will become part of 1 of the components, and will need to done so it will not change the way it functions.

    Detail drawing skills is preferred. However, taking 2D drawings and making them 3D ready for printing is required. The designs will be created so Swarovski crystals can be glued into the design after the 3D printing is done, so incorporating point back crystal placement (crystal cavities) into the models is a requirement. The actual crystal placement after printing will not be part of the job. Jewelry design experience would be great, but not required. I need someone who lives in the U.S and also has good communication skills.

    Please only serious and qualified modelers apply, since this will be a time sensitive situation. I would appreciate seeing previous work and any work references would also be appreciated. I am looking to build a work relationship with a professional experienced in these areas and this is why I am asking so much from the person I choose to work with. I love what I do and I'm looking for someone who loves their work too, has a good attitude, and can meet deadlines.

    A Non-disclosure agreement will be requested from the person chosen. Thank you for your time and please let me know if you feel this opportunity is for you!

    Sharyn K
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    Did you got the 3D Modeler?

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    Hi Sharyn,
    My name is Adam Mellotte and I run a small 3D Printing Modelling company with a specialism in organic modelling for 3D Printing. We currently have several ongoing contracts with jewellery manufacturers both in Europe and the US and as you can imagine they are all under strict NDA agreements. We have designed many fully functional 3D Printed parts also including 'live hinges' as well as conventional screw caps and systems so we are familiar with the requirements of conventional mechanisms. For more complex systems we always consult our Industrial Designer colleague to ensure we are providing the very best service.

    My background is that I am a fully qualified architect and can read drawings and so should have no problem with your 2D information however when in doubt we would ask to ensure we are on the same page. In my team i have a expert jewellery designer who also teaches jewellery design at his local universit so we feel we are qualified to help you in this regard.

    We are based in Europe and I appreciate that you requested US only companies but I hope our experience encourages you to look over the water to us here in the UK. If this sounds good please get in touch at and I can forward examples of our work including references and more.