need : 3d model of a DOUBLE HELIX SPRING

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  1. vinshi
    vinshi New Member
    can someone create for me a "DOUBLE HELIX SPRING" model (like the dna spring) made out of stainless steel\music wire
    round circle (like a ring) at the bottom and top , one wire spiral from the bootom side circle , and second wire spiral from the paralel side bottom circle , both connected also at the top ring. measurments about 100mm high , about 40mm outside diameter , wires thickness about 2mm , distance from one spiral to the other about 3mm
    how much for such job?
    thanks !

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  2. mctrivia
    mctrivia Member
    yes though shapeways may refuse 2mm spring in stainless. 3mm is minimum spec you can try though. will pm you the part.
  3. vinshi
    vinshi New Member
    3mm will be fine also
  4. vinshi
    vinshi New Member
    the address is not working.. it says Invalid model id: 92162
  5. mctrivia
    mctrivia Member
    Sorry deleted 1 to many digits should be a2 or 3 in front of number
  6. vinshi
    vinshi New Member
    doesnt work.. can you send the address again?
  7. vinshi
    vinshi New Member
    2 in front of the number is invalid and 3 in front of the number says : Sorry, you don't have permission to perform this action