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Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by JamesStewart, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. JamesStewart
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    I recently uploaded a model to obtain a client quote. I was happy with the price at around 200 euros.

    I passed the price on and the client gave the go ahead. I tweaked the model very slightly which resulted in about a 0.5% reduction in material.

    When I uploaded the model the price jumped above 300 euros!

    I have emailed the support team but have received no reply and cant understand the price.

    Any help would be great.
  2. TomZ
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    Check out the material page for WSF:
    "There is also a volume discount on models with a volume greater than 20cm3 and density higher than 10%. After the first 20cm3, the remaining volume is calculated with a 50% discount."

    Removing the 0.5% material caused the model density to just drop below that 10%, causing a giant increase in price. We have been complaining about this oddity for ages but it's still not been fixed: ck/suggestions/2472605-correct-non-monotonous-pricing-scheme
  3. virtox
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    What TomZ says and this density calculation can also be heavily influenced by the orientation of the model.

    One needs to orient it so that it's bounding box is minimal.
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  4. JamesStewart
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    Many thanks,

    Both model orientations are identical.

    I will try and increase the density of the second model and see how this effects the price.