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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by Wildsketch, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Wildsketch
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    Hello, I used browse to look in the gallery. I clicked on an interesting seeming thumbnail and examined a gallery entry. Its description only read:
    Same as the other, but hollowed out for opaque prints.

    Naturally I wanted to see this "other" so I looked for a link to the user's gallery. I didn't find it. I looked for the users name, hoping I could click on it to go to his gallery. I didn't find his name.
    I would have expected to see a button leading to his previous upload, and possibly to his next upload. I didn't find them.

    I finally found a link leading away from that page and back to the gallery, but it led me to the first page of the gallery of everyone's uploads.
    I might have clicked next to look back through everyone's uploads for an image similar to the one I clicked on but I clicked on the users name instead to go to his entire gallery. If I had been looking at an old upload, from a few pages back it would have taken me longer to find the upload previous to the one I started searching from.

    These galleries on this site seem to serve a similar purpose to those on sites like Flickr or deviantart, so I would expect the navigation to work similarly for viewing galleries.

    Notice how each page of Flickr offers numerous branching paths. From any photo you can go to photos before and after it in a user's photo stream, other photos in a subset defined by the user, other photos in a group pool if the user has added photos to the pool etc. You know flickr, everyone does. Do you think that kind of navigation is a good goal for the galleries on this site to emulate eventually?

    Just some thoughts and suggestions. The service is still very exciting and everyone who works here is very good about responding quickly and affably to the beta testers' every observation or complaint. Thank you for having put up with us in such good humor.
  2. robert
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    Hi Wildsketch!

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Indeed you should be able to easily navigate from one object to another. Flickr poses a nice model for that. We are aware of this problem and we will use your post as input for the next iterations of our portal.

    Though you can click on the owner's name in the Gallery page to see all his models. But you probably already found that already. :)

    We value all feedback -- good or bad. We use it *every* single day to make our service better.

    Best regards,