Native American Red Indian Chief Ring

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  1. AlteJewellers
    AlteJewellers Member
    Working for a goldsmith in Asia, I notice that there is demand for Native American Red Indian Rings. But the design we offer is very plain which look more like taken out from a totem. I ask myself if I can do it any better by challenging the subject and push a little further since I am able to add much more details through the software and hardware I have access with.

    There are multiple prints being done to get a feel of how I want the War bonnet to be and with happy accidents that I decided to let it wrap on my knuckle and it comes off comfortably.

    I hope this piece can bring some attention back to the fast deceasing traditional culture.

    Red Indian Ring Bass 1.jpg
    Red Indian Ring Bass 2.jpg Red Indian Ring Bass 3.jpg Red Indian Ring Bass 5.jpg

    This piece in the photo is casted in Raw Brass. Shapeways might have taken the initiative to polished the face I am not sure as it look shinny then the rest of the body but I like it.

    Please click the link below to visit the listing.
    Native American Red Indian Chief Ring

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  2. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Well-Known Member
    Beautiful work! Raw Brass is usually lightly tumbled. Maybe they did some hand work to reserve the details on the headpiece.
  3. LuraSDesign
    LuraSDesign Member
    This will be great in my favourite material, the new Antique Silver.
    Many of my designs look great in this material - in the renderings at least ....
    Maybe you could make that available for sale.