N-scale or 1:160 scale modern Military Vehicles wanted.

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    Well most my n-scale military models are out of date. My HMMWV are not up armor. No new N-scale military models has been made since Minifigs U.S.A. went out of business. Last modern vehicles I got from them was the new m987 7 ton cargo truck. But that out of date and been replace by FMTV line of trucks. I found 1 fuel hemtt on here and a bushmaster. Any MRAPs, Strykers, USMC Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon 290 Interim Fast Attack Vehicle, MTVR Series of Vehicles, M-1117 Guardian, and favs. I think my train load has not been updated since Desert Storm. LOL.
    I included some pictures. Some resources are http://olive-drab.com/index.php
    But to all you modelers out there. Even civilian vehicles are needed in our scale too. So if you upload something think about us we folks with small trains sets.
    I have 45 flat car military train with about 200 of military models that need to be replace or upgrade. If I have that many think the other model rail road guys and Wargamers who play in 1:160 scale or some might say 12mm scale. But I'm all way looking on shapeway for new N-scale models to buy.