N-scale or 1:160 scale modern Military Vehicles wanted.

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    Well most my n-scale military models are out of date. My HMMWV are not up armor. No new N-scale military models has been made since Minifigs U.S.A. went out of business. Last modern vehicles I got from them was the new m987 7 ton cargo truck. But that out of date and been replace by FMTV line of trucks. I found 1 fuel hemtt on here and a bushmaster. Any MRAPs, Strykers, USMC Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon 290 Interim Fast Attack Vehicle, MTVR Series of Vehicles, M-1117 Guardian, and favs. I think my train load has not been updated since Desert Storm. LOL.
    I included some pictures. Some resources are http://olive-drab.com/index.php
    But to all you modelers out there. Even civilian vehicles are needed in our scale too. So if you upload something think about us we folks with small trains sets.
    I have 45 flat car military train with about 200 of military models that need to be replace or upgrade. If I have that many think the other model rail road guys and Wargamers who play in 1:160 scale or some might say 12mm scale. But I'm all way looking on shapeway for new N-scale models to buy.
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    I would be interested in modelling vehicles for you. I am very experienced in modelling scaled army vehicles.

    Currently I am making a series of Hemtt trucks for one of my clients which seems to be very similar type of vehicles of what you are looking for.
    You can see one of my models which is still in progress here: https://sketchfab.com/show/xBv4xh041Wg8OlX9xLcxtqLeQly

    I charge 10$/hour.

    Kind regards,

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    Sorry about the bad post. I'm not very good at English. Or how to put things into words.
    What I was trying to do is post a suggestion. This might been the wrong section to put this in. Because I can do all this myself too. But I'm forbidden to do so. Long story. I too can make all the models and post them to be printed. But I can not. Specially when it comes to any government vehicles. Even though they are produce by a private contractor now days. Just say I did 152 inventions and improvements for our military service and only got awards and letters. No money or anything profitable. Plus I was held in the service for the benefit of the government. till lot my projects was completed or been declassified..
    So I been doing a lot of suggestion and helping others make money. Since I can not. Plus not breaking any of the rules between I and our Government.
    Here the problem. We are loosing America. From greed and to China.
    We need to take it back. I know most you. I could also charge on the average 10 a hour. That what I might charge too. But what boils down too. What are people willing to pay. That why so many companies are out business today. The greed factor. They went beyond Gods 10% rule..
    Some may laugh about what you mean Gods rule? Are talking about are tides? If you break the word down it means 10% and in the Bible what you can give or give back. So I never set any my goods over the 10% of actual cost. In other words I made more money selling more. Then selling one or 2 items at a whopping 35 to 50% profit. Just 10% over the cost of materials. The labor went out the window a long time ago. When computers came into play. Cause we all know it take the computer a long time to process programs. If I charge by the hour I would been out work a long time ago. So I went flat rate fees.
    Next the China strategy. What a better way to take over a country with out firing a shot? Buy the country out. Like we use to do. Or even now do. At rate we are going we will all be speaking Chinese in the future.
    Shapeway is great company to show skill and supplement your income. I help others in the past by showing them how to use ebay.. Till you land that 10 dollar or more a hour. Shapeway is great place to start showing your skills. Believe me I know some my words work. I know 3 people on ebay that make a study income out there part time hobby now. Enough to pay off there house and debts. They may not be millionaires. But they now all are living debt free and got into better jobs. And yes a couple them has went on to be millionaires.
    Next look around in groups and forums. Look what on the market or what not on the market. Fill the gap. I had sit down with the CEO of Newberry one day. After I mubble something and he over heard me. I ask him what your business about? He told me and then. Ok why are you selling the same item that every one else in the Mall is selling. You need to fill in what not be sold here. Not what everyone else is selling. You know what just that little suggestion made some big changes in his selling and stop a lot of waste full spending and loses for his company.
    Like I notice a big call in Model railroading and hobbies for boys, teens and men. The lack of products on the market now days. Because let face it all us men are cheap when comes to buying something. We are bigger bargain hunters. Then Women are. Sorry but I'm telling the truth here. Ask any Modeler why he don't buy new models today. and they will say the price. Right or wrong.
    But I can go on and on. All most right a book on this subject. But really a no brainer.
    If you are designer. Because there are a over whelming number people this market. You know how many people contact me on just this? Put this way. If they was smart they just do it and be the 1rst one to post them. and start making money that way. Not just wait on me to choose.
    You want to get into this market. You need to do it cheap, Be the first, be fast fast and move on to something fresh. Because this market in 10 years will be coming to desk top near you. So you have to do Like software and movie companies do. They only make a profit with in the first 3 months. After that it a lost audience. That why Mattel decided to keep there line fresh by adding first additions and new items yearly. They almost went out business too back in the late 80's. Because of lack of new in there product line. Plus charging less and keeping with in profit rule has help them. I do not agree what happen in Mattel lately. But Look all the other companies that fail in the diecast cars.. By over charging.
    Yes this hard to swallow by lot of you out there. Even my wife had to suck it up. What I suggested. She a fiber artist. Use to sell her stuff at labor cost, materials, etc.. All most 50%. Now that she just went to a flat fee. She now out the hole and is over whelm by orders again. But since the basic patterns are done. It all pure profit at a lower cost. Many stories like this on the web.
    But like I said I can go on and on. But if you want save America and want a study income just think about what I've said. Use to be old saying first come first severed. All other lose out. I can see some on Shapeway are all ready doing that. Those are going to be the winners in this race of Taking back of America. By looking at the over all problem and filling the gaps.
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    These are my printed mini from my old home 3d printer. Ya the models are out dated. But I made more off them then waiting around.

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    Here mine that I make I got over 10 models I sell at local shows.

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    Oops all the one in white that are not painted are new prints waiting for paint.
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