N Scale 1/160 Scale Outside Braced 28' Pup Trailer

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    Looking for someone who can create a 3D downloadable drawing for me to Shapeways for a N scale 1/160 scale outside braced 28' pup trailer. Past model railroad 3D drawing experience a plus. See pics. I just need the trailer body. I will glue the wheels on myself. It should be hollow with back end of trailer open. Back roll-up door can be a separate piece that would just be glued on the back of the trailer. Plastic thickness should be about the thickness of a piece of cardboard or a quarter of an inch. Dimensions are as follows:

    Length: 1.8125 inches long
    Width: .625 or 10/16th of an inch wide
    Height: .6875 or 11/16th of an inch tall

    Measurements are just for trailer body.

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