Mythic Articulations: Mythical Creature and Cryptid Skeletons

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  1. Brian_Richardson
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    I've decided it would be better to post all my newest creations in one thread instead of making a new one for each model, so this is where they're going.

    First up is a Jackalope, that came last week. This one's already been shipped off to its new owner.

    Available here: tml
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  2. EleanorW
    EleanorW New Member
    Wow! This is awesome!
    And very convincing... how do we know it didn't exist?
    Thanks for sharing!
  3. Brian_Richardson
    Brian_Richardson New Member
  4. Brian_Richardson
    Brian_Richardson New Member
  5. Tresob
    Tresob New Member
    Three thousand years from now, there are going to be some very confused paleontologists thanks to you...

    Those look great, though!
  6. Adela
    Adela Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Oh my, the Cerberus Skeleton is amazing! I love it!
  7. Brian_Richardson
    Brian_Richardson New Member
  8. Brian_Richardson
    Brian_Richardson New Member
  9. EricHo
    EricHo Well-Known Member
    Speechless because everything you design is incredible. That is all.
  10. Brian_Richardson
    Brian_Richardson New Member
  11. Brian_Richardson
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  12. seriaforma
    seriaforma Well-Known Member
    This is a great collection.
    I love the combination of mythical - slightly creepy - somewhat endearing all combined with fantastic execution (so delicate!).
    Can't wait to see your future additions!
  13. Brian_Richardson
    Brian_Richardson New Member
  14. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    They make me want to get a pile of clay and slap it on the skeletons! Great work.
  15. passion4profession
    passion4profession New Member
    Sweeeeet. I wanna try this one!
  16. Brian_Richardson
    Brian_Richardson New Member
  17. Andrewsimonthomas
    Andrewsimonthomas Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Bryan, we gawk at these every time they come out of the factory.

    Can you share a little bit about how you design them?

    What software you use, what's your creative process like?

    The number of shells you use is pretty high and the results are always phenomenal, but it must be a challenge to model each one and get them all the pieces to work together.

  18. Brian_Richardson
    Brian_Richardson New Member
    I'd be happy to explain.

    I use Z-Brush almost exclusively, with an occasional overall size measurement in netfabb. Basically I pick a cool sounding creature/cryptid from Wikipedia or any of the numerous sources on the internet (or books), read about its physical description, look up images of it, and decide what real animal it's most like. In many cases, it's a combination of real animals, or humans. I then do a Google search for the different bones of the animal they're most like, (I've been doing this less as I learn what everything looks like and build up a library of pre-sculpted bones).

    Then I put on some music (If I remember to - So many times I put in my earbuds, and get so focused on what I'm sculpting that I forget to turn the music on) and I sculpt. I start from a sphere for any new parts, and treat it like I would normal clay. Any parts I've already made, I import and adjust to fit the skeleton. The more I sculpt, the more reusable pieces I end up with, and the less I need to do from scratch on new pieces. I basically ignore poly/shell count until the end, since it's not really important when printing. Unlike a lot of people on here, I never focused on modeling with low poly counts, since I've been modeling for print since I started.

    When I'm done modeling, I use the Decimation Master in Z-Brush to get the models under 1mil polys (I aim for 400k to 700k, to keep upload times down), then use the Print Exporter to get it as a correctly sized .obj. I upload it, see any problem areas in the wall thickness checker (So much better than netfabb), tweak it and upload it again until no problems are shown. Usually takes 1-3 re-uploads, sometimes none, as I can sort of tell if a part is too thin at this point.

    And that pretty sums it up.

    Also, It's Brian with an "i".
  19. Andrewsimonthomas
    Andrewsimonthomas Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Hey Brian, (whoops, sorry I have a friend that spells it with a Y and I'm used to it)

    That's awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

    I use Zbrush for the most part too.

    Do you get involved with some of insert brush tools or is it mostly just duplicating subtools?

    Your process for scaling and checking with the thin wall checker sounds really good. That's the only hard part about Zbrush, it doesn't have scale anywhere when you design, so you either have to have it at the right scale when you start or play with the 3D print exporter to get it right.


  20. Brian_Richardson
    Brian_Richardson New Member
    I mostly just duplicate subtools. On the Asian dragon, I did modify an insert brush to make the spine. Much faster than posing each vertebrae by hand. Same on the wyverns' tails.