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  1. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Today I got my MyPhone Case. Other than one stupid (on my part) mistake it came out wonderful. Fit too tight so made a few modifications for easier attachment and removal. Can be seen here . Took the pictures with my phone so couldn't take a picture of it on it.
    The cover, with customizable Logo, and GB. Each says that it is designed by Michael Williams, and has an ID number. Who's going to get number 000-0001? (Mines 000-0000)
    A face plate, not going to be an option till I order one that I can verify it holds in place.
    The power/lock button cover.
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  2. 4m3D
    4m3D New Member

    Does the front snap on?

    Like the numbering idea!!!!

    Todd Bailey
  3. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Thanks, I've been thinking about that 1) no one can look at my designs and say OMG that's a Michael Williams Original! and 2) If/When my designs are famous, the version and copy number will be very important :p

    The case was just too tight, so it cracked when putting it on the phone, so I couldn't prove to myself that the face plate cover would snap on, but that is the intent of the design.

    I wanted the back to look similar to how the back of the phone looks. If someone picks up my phone that I have an Otter Box for, they won't be able too see how many GB's my phone is. They'll see Otter Box and the Apple logo. With my case they'll see The Apple logo, your logo, the GB's, Who designed it, and the version and copy number.
  4. jeff
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    Looks good! The back does look like it really fits the phones contour well. Would love to see some pics with the phone in there.
  5. dizingof
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    "A Michael Williams Original!" - i like the sound of that !

    Was my shop the inspiration behind recent iPhone/iPod/iPad designs? :D

    I too would love to see some more pics if possible - i like the contour a lot !
    It looks very smooth - something i need to work on with my
    Google sketchup.

    I'd like to share with you a tiny story here at shapeways about
    "design rights & resemblance" that you guys might find interesting.

    I got an email from shapeways that they received an email from a US
    company stating that my "Kitchen Stand for iPad" has a "clear resemblance" to their design..

    I was asked to clear the issue with the company's designer but i refused.
    My design has the same function as theirs but nothing like theirs.

    I replied that if i violated any shapeways rules or EU
    patent/design law then shapeways are free to remove my design.

    Well, it's still on the front page so i guess they agree with me.

    The bottom line of this story is, what do we "shapeways
    designers" know about this issue - do all the late cases for
    iPhone/iPod/iPad are a "clear resemblance" to some cases like
    from CaseMate ? will those designers be asked to remove their designs ?

    (sorry Michael to grab your post, but its relevant to your design)
  6. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    The case is very smooth and form fitting to the phone, there is a problem area in the mesh, that I have been unable to solve as of yet, but I'm working on version 2 now, and Will probably have to rebuild version 1 to be closer to version 2. But version 2 has an additional concept that separates it from any other case I've seen, so I'll have to test it before release.

    The one that made me push the button was the iPod Case by rawkstar. I've seen your designs and thought about it, but his case gave me an idea and I ran with it. The issues with my design have brought on idea's for version 2. It's a Michael Williams Original because it has the MW logo on the back. And I haven't seen any others try to emulate the info on the back of the phone it's self.

    I think it's funny that they tried to stop you for having the same idea, and it's not a change the world idea. A stand for an iPad. People have been making stands for things since forever, so how can one own a stand?