my size is doubling...

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  1. dantedamean
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    I made my model in maya 2012, I used Multitool to export it as a STL at about .8 w x .8 d x 5.5 h . When I uploaded it my model I chose inches. Once my model was on the server it jumped to 2.1 w x 14.1 d x 2.1 h 4. I tried it 2 times as a STL and once as a OBJ. :(

    any one have any idea as to why this is happening? Im going to try and delete history on the model and clean up the scene a bit.
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  2. BillBedford
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    Since the sizes differ by approximately 25. I would look at the possibility that you have entered the wrong units on the upload page.
  3. pfeifferstylez
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    "The STL export now supports an individual scale factor that will be applied prior to exporting the scene. (...) This compensates for some problems that might occur when importing the STL file into another application that interprets "units" different from Maya. The scale factor can be found in the export options."

    Which scale factor did you use ?

    And are your sure you exported the STL in "imperial units" ?
  4. Youknowwho4eva
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    Just to be sure, when looking at your dimensions, did you click on the inch button? the default is to show the dimensions in cm.
  5. stannum
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    When not logged, it can default to inches (*sigh* but prices are cm3 based, materials' pages talk about cm limits...) After changing it, then it remembers via cookies/account.
  6. dantedamean
    dantedamean New Member
    I dont know how to have it export in imperial units, im using MultiTool and i dont see the option to do this.

    I have maya set to inches and Ive tried to upload multiple times with the 3 units of measurement that are available.

    Im not sure what you mean? And I dont have firefox save cookies it wipes every time I close the browser.