My Sisters getting married!

Discussion in 'My Work In Progress' started by DavdWhite, Oct 23, 2012.

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    I've been watching Shapeways for a few years and I've always loved the idea of being able to have objects that I've made myself. I've wanted to make gifts for friends and family but for special occasions, not just a birthday or christmas.

    So tonight my sister got engaged and I want to make the couple their wedding gift. I'm starting this thread as something to make sure I actually complete this project.

    Currently I am at the drawing board stage, feel free to chip in ideas because I'm sure I'll be wanting a lot of help to get this done well. I should also be asleep at this time, but this is the time when I feel like my imagination is working so some of my messages may be a little incoherent with contradictory ideas.

    So, right now I'm thinking of a "Willow Tree Figurine" style couple based on my sister and her boyfriend. She loves guinea pigs and I think its a safe bet that in a few decades she will still love them (or at least she won't develop a hatred for them) . At her feet will be a few guinea pigs, maybe she's holding one?
    url=]We had this book[/url] as kids and we loved the "Lettuce, oh Lettuce" poem. Personal but 7 dead guinea pigs may look a little morbid...

    As for the groom, I'd also want something around him but thats going to take a bit more thinking about because I don't know him as well as I know my sister.

    But of course, I don't want to overload the figurines and end up with a garish statue. I'm open to ideas, it'd be nice if I could give them memento that they'd be able to keep and display on a mantle piece or cabinet but not too overt that it would have to be the centre piece of the room. As I said, I'm just spouting sleepy thoughts
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    Perhaps they have a shared love. Something special to them both? This would be a good way to incorporate something into the statue that is personal without over-crowding it. You might have to get your sister to tell you more about her fiance, which has the added bonus of getting to know him a little better. :)