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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by pinkus12001, Dec 9, 2012.

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    I am having problems setting up the extended description in My Shop. For one it will not save unless I have input a Google Analytics code. I have inserted a generic code i.e.UA-0123456-0 which has oivercome this issue but I haven't a clue what Google analytics is and why I need it to save my changes? Secondly I have tried adding some hypertext links i.e. into my extended description and no matter how I do it (cut and paste, and , etc) it does not work on the public shop front. I have trawled the forums for information but nothing I have tried has worked. Is it me :confused ? Additionally one post mention a My Shop settings but where do I get into this as nothing shows up on the My Shop webpage?

    Thanks, Richard
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  2. stannum
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    Google Analytics should be optional. Otherwise, you found a bug.

    For links, you have to write HTML tags. For example:
    Blah blah <a href=" ">more info in the blog</a> blah blah
    will make "more info in the blog" be a link to your blog.

    Edit: there seems to be another bug, this time with the CSS for "code" in forum posts., it appears as black text over dark grey (then white border and a dashed blue line)... Select the text to see what it says in the meanwhile.
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  3. MrNibbles
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    For what it's worth at this point I had the same problem using Microsoft Explorer. Everything was fine using Google Chrome.

    I also had problems adding photos to models.