My recumbent bike arrived

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by BAROBA, Nov 28, 2009.

    BAROBA New Member
    Hi all,

    Shapeways did a good job on printing this one out :)
    There are really thin parts on this bike, they look fragile but they they are quite strong. I designed some parts to be rotatable, but unfortunately they fused together. The tolerances need to be bigger then 0.2mm. Something new I learned :)

    Here are the pictures, the small spikes sticking out are part of the print. They form a connection between the stand and the bike. It can easily be cut and removed.



    bike_print_001.JPG bike_print_002.JPG
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  2. Inlite
    Inlite New Member
    Now that is COOL - this was printed in one piece? how big is the finished model?
  3. spudmonkey
    spudmonkey New Member
    That came out really nicely! I'm also interested in how big it is as the cables must have been fun ;)
    BAROBA New Member
    Hi guys,

    This was printed in one piece, and then cut.
    The finished model is 20 cm or 7.8" long.

    Thanks for the kind words :)