My Piston and Turbo Keychain, and Character model

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  1. lorddarthvik
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    Hi there!

    THis is my Piston keychain, which arrived a few weeks ago, I just couldn´t take shots because my camerea was dead.

    It is printed in white detail, and painted with acrylic paint to looks "used". The piston head rotates as you can see on the 2nd shot.
    Shapeways made a good job with printing this one so it can move, thanks a lot! :)



    And here is one for scale with a 0,5L coke bottle cap: Dugoscale.jpg


    Here are a few more pictures of my orders which arrived a long time ago.
    My GF´s character from the game World of Warcraft modeled by me by her preferences. Painted and with a gloss finish, made from WS&F material:

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  2. Gijs
    Gijs New Member
    nice model and paint work! I wonder how strong that material is and if it is going to last with keys around it.

  3. psau3
    psau3 New Member
    Nice unusual little piece. Did you do any surface work prior to or after painting? Did you seal it with anything afterwards?

    As Gijs says, I'm wondering how it'll hold up to wear if you do use it as a keyfob. :)
  4. Whystler
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    Nice work! Great painting.

    It will hold up nicely. There aren't any overly small parts of it. The detail materials do have some give. See my post about "metal and plastic prints recieved". You'll see from the pictures that even with small parts the white detail material is still flexible to a degree. What you see there are slightly less than 2mm rods. If you have even a little more length in any direction, it gets to be pretty strong (for a keychain).

    Keep us posted about the item's durability in case I'm wrong lol.

  5. lorddarthvik
    lorddarthvik New Member
    Thanks all, and especially thanks to you Whystler for answering the questions!

    So far the material holds up allright, and I handle it pretty hard, like pulling my 1m long chain with about 12keys on the ring out of my bag from under my books by pulling on the piston! lol so its pretty hard!

    I have not treated the material with anything before painting, only cleaned it with some soap and water to remove any grease. The paint does seem to hold okay after 2-3 days of drying, but it may chip off if you don´t let it dry for long enough. The white detail material feels like wax to the touch, and it is definetly harder to paint it then WS&F.

    By the way, the white parts on the picture are not the material showing, it´s just the aluminium colored paint being too bright for the camera :)
  6. lorddarthvik
    lorddarthvik New Member
    Some more photos of the char and Turbo Keychain small version models, both made in WSF material and painted:

    The detail here is realy amazing, that chain which holds the book is realy realy small! :) I wonder if it would have turned out even better in White Detail...

    And a shot with flash:

    These following pics are made of my turbo keychain model. One thing to note is, that this piece is one of the 3 "worse" pieces, as it has the 4 bolt holes welded shut by the production method. I think it has to do something with the orintation of the model in the printer, as the other 3 pieces have a different texture to them, and have open clear boltholes, and it seems like they were in the printer pointing in a different direction. I don´t have any of the better pieces as I have already given them away as gifts to my car nut friends :)

    Edit: the scale of the turbo is about 2,4cm x 2,6cm x 1,7cm


    Sorry for the low quality shots, I´m still working with a camera which I borrowed from someone, and its the kind which is easy to use but impossible to set up right :)
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  7. Nshortino
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    Nice work. When i first looked at the top picture I thought it was a computer rendering... the paint looks great!