My New Art Deco/retro Inspired Earring And My Smk Entry

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    Hi Shapies,

    This shields earring was created completely in Tinkercad. I started making this almost a year ago when I first started to learn about 3D printing but I never really had the time to finish it until recently. I really didn't think the small dots would show up after plating, but it did and turned out so much better than I imagined. Inspiration was a from an art deco jewelry I saw online and those retro aviation pins on flight attendants and a little bit of Zelda Triforce lol...

    Second pic is my SMK entry, I am a calligraphy admirer, and the proclamation on the Gijsbrechts' painting called out to me, so I try to make a pendant in his stroke style. Created completely in Fusion 360. Thanks for reading and viewing! Shield-Earring.png

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