My little tool for printable coins, medals, pendants etc.

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    I hope it's okay if I'm doing a little bit of advertising for a free tool I've created the last two years. I always found it quite hard to create simple objects like coins with powerful 3d applications like blender. Especially if photos and drawings are involved. I tried to make the workflow as simple as possible. It would be great if you could check it out. some tutorials are also available on youtube.

    video tutorials:

    download: (Installer) (Zip)


    Microsoft Windows XP or higher
    OpenGL compatible graphics card
    Screen resolution 1280x1024 or higher
    1 Gigabyte RAM

    best regards,

  2. UniverseBecoming
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    That's pretty darn cool! Great work! :eek:

    I was messing with it and made this yen yang heart pendant in about 10 minutes.


    The selecting the back function to go to the next step got confusing since I didn't use the instructions, but I was able to figure it out. I could see how one could make very elaborate designs using this! I just used the default graphics, but if I were to spend some time with this I could make something off the charts without hardly any expenditure of effort! :D
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    Thanks a lot for trying it out. I'm sure we still have a lot of possibilities for improvements :). I guess you would only need the "back" button in case you want to cancel a workflow. Otherwise the "next" button will be fine.
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    Here is a new object I've created this evening. It's a pendant inspired by the sky disk of Nebra which is more than 3600 years old (Bronze Age).

    Extrudy Object Nebra

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    Another gift idea which could be done with eXtrudy. Create a QR code from the name of a friend or relative and engrave it into a keyring pendant. Printed in stainless steel.

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    The birthday pendant for my girlfriend arrived. Drafts were done in Inkscape and the 3d model in eXtrudy. This time it's in silver and the printing resolution seems to be much higher than in the stainless steel versions. The birthdate is in binary code - could you guess it?

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    This evening I've played around with ornaments from Alphonse Mucha. Some of them are quite suitable for turning them into 3d object with eXtrudy.


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  13. TonyRR
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    This is an awesome tool!! I've tested it and it's simply impressive!!

    The interfaxce is simple and clean, easy to understand. I've created a keychain in some simple steps. Incredible! The possibilities are endless!!!

    Congratulatiuons for this fine job. And the best: it's not necessary to install it -on Win XP-!!

    Again, congratulations!!

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    Hi Tony,

    thank you for checking out my application. I'm glad you like it :)

    best regards, Hendrik
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    I second Tony, this is a great piece of software. Good job!
  16. eXtrudy
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    eXtrudy is available for download now:

    A short overview of the new features:


    - higher precision for position/rotation/depth sliders when composing decorations
    - decorations could be enlarged during composition
    - detail (number of mesh points) and smoothing value for 3d object could be set
    - hook objects could be loaded from .stl or .obj file
    - final 3d object could be stored as .stl file
    - several bugfixes

    Have Fun :)
  17. EricHo
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    very cool QR code!
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    There is a new tutorial on youtube that shows how to create your own christmas tree decoration based on a pen and paper drawing and/or some illustrations from the web. It took less than 10 minutes in eXtrudy and is ready for 3d printing:

  19. eXtrudy
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    extrudy is available for download now:

    A short overview of the new features (The "double venus" example):

    With the new "bas-relief mode" you have a lot of new possibilities!



    - Use images as 3d reliefs (bas-relief mode) (Really nice feature for stereo images from kinect, 3d cameras etc.!)
    - Allow arbirary surface profiles for decorations (e.g. images from file)
    - Several new parameters to adjust decoration depth (cutoff, scale etc.)
    - Better memory usage (allows higher mesh resolutions)
    - several bugfixes

    Have fun :)
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    Wauw,,!! This looks very promising!,
    I am defenitaly going to try this!