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  1. SGDesigns
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    Here is something ive been working on and off for months. Ive been putting it off for other projects and its already about time I get this done. Check it out. Im gonna make this into a Silver Bead and Silver Ring. I plan on adding patina to make the details pop. The top and bottom of the skull will have a glossy/mirror finish and the bandana part of it will have a matte finish. Almost done, I just gotta check to make sure the detail isn't smaller then 0.3mm, clean up the knot and fix the teeth a little. LOL...

    Bandit Skull.jpg
  2. lensman
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    Nice job as always, Sal.

  3. SGDesigns
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    thanks lensman. Thats gonna be a bead. This one below is the ring. Im ading a little extra on the inside. Been wanting this one for a while now.

    I have a question, pm sent.

    Inside The Bandit Ring.jpg
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