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    So this are my favourite Jewelry things which iI finally created this year. Much was testing abstract things and forms, or convert old concepts. Next year i plan to create something absolut unique in the Area Nature, Animal, World.
    The last years I learn much about this technolgy and tried what is possible and what not. With my last pieces, which are avaible the next months I tried the maximum complexity on such little space because when the piece gets bigger the price explode.

    I also worked on my Website and my blog. For the future my plan with the blog is to promote 3d printed jewelry, not only my own rather from everyone, beacuse so much people have no idea that this exists, and see this piece and say wow what is this. I think we must help each other to get this more famous and better sells for everyone.

    Have all a good year and hope so a good next year.

    So here is what i stay at the moment.

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    Looks ver nice :)
    You need to fix your link...

    Regards, Robert