My Iris! My my eyes!

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by madox, Oct 31, 2008.

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    Ooops that one file per message is quite annoying, it posts the message for you as soon as you press upload... /rant over :)

    Just got my package from Shapeways today! So happy that it has finally arrived.

    The design was a concept, draw and try upload it to Shapeways in less than 2 hours effort to take advantage of the 66% off black detail offer and it hasn't turned out too bad.

    Things I've noticed :-
    - The triangulation of the STL seems to be very course for the outer ring, but I suspect this is a problem with Alibre Xpress rather than shapeways.
    - The black detail material is actually quite springy and not very rigid. I expected this (infact hoped for it) for the really thin blades, but the inner ring was packed as an ellipsoid in the packaging :( Which made trying to bend it back into shape and fitting it into the outer ring a bit annoying.
    - I need to add more clearance to parts I intend to move :) The pins fit and slide into the slots perfectly... but the pivot pins and the inner/outer ring don't really rotate ... need to do some sanding I think.
    - Alot of support material remains ... you can see some still stuck onto one of the blades in the 4th picture...
    - You can actually notice the 'print lines' that mark the pieces.

    Things I should say :-
    Sorry to Shapeways if it was annoying to print out 2*24 pieces of very very very small parts that didn't earn much money :( Sorry. I printed double in case the really thin (0.25mm?) pieces didn't work out.

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    Pre-empting questions on "WTF is this thing?"...

    Its a 'large' mechanical iris diaphragm that 'opens' and 'closes' as the outer ring is rotated around the inner ring.

    Here is a photo of it 'almost closed' showing the translucency of the blade detail material. Doesn't make a real effective iris to shut out light does it?


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  6. madox
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    This photo shows the 'trying to pretend to be star-gate' attempt ;)

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  7. aws357
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    :laughing: The more things I see printed, the more in awe I am...

    :D Although plastic seems to lack precision for a piece like a diaphragm...

    :rolleyes: These are indeed interesting times...

  8. Dalhimar
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    Lookes awsome! any chance on a short vid showing how smooth it closes?
    and also, did you base this off of a conventional iris used in things like kerosene heaters or stargate? =P
  9. pzich
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    That is really cool. How did you go about making this?
  10. madox
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    I did a little writeup of it today here :-

    Yes little 1mm diameter pins break off rather easily as I've found out the hard way :)

    I'll try capture a video as soon as I put the spare blades on :)
  11. aws357
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    :D Don't know what is more frightening...

    The patience you took to model this, or the SG fanatism (no seriously you really counted the 20 blades? °° )

    :rolleyes: awaiting this video...