My iPhone5 Contest Entry: Tetrahedral iPhone5 Stand

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  1. japhyr
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    I was excited to see the iPhone 5 accessory contest, and here is my entry. It's a stand, inspired by simple molecular geometry.

    Side view.

    Front view.

    I hollowed out the bottom to make it lighter and cheaper, but kept a thin lip to make sure the base was stiff enough to support the phone well.

    I live in southeast Alaska, and there are not many iPhone 5's here yet. I had to visit an AT&T store to snap a picture of the stand with a phone. Staff at the store loved the stand, and had never seen anything made with a 3d printer before.

    I don't have any notions of winning the contest, but it was fun to make an entry, and fun to visit the AT&T store for a picture. Next time I'll take a picture of staff looking at the stand.

    - Eric