My hole is filled by Shapeways, but in blender the hole is closed

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by mbruinsma, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. mbruinsma
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    Anyone got a suggestion why my hole is filled by shapeways?
    I've made a keychain, and the hole for the ring of the chane is filled by Shapeways. In Blender the hole is closed. Anyone got a suggestion what to do about this?

    You can find my model in:

    The round at the end of the keychane should be a hole.

    Hope anyone got an answer,


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  2. AmLachDesigns
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    we cannot see your model in Shapeways - maybe you did not set it to public?

    Your .stl file is 'non-manifold' which means it is not printable as it is. The process SW goes through when you upload it tries to fix this, and when it finds what it considers holes it fills them with faces, which I think is what happened in your case.

    If you look at your model in Blender, go into edit mode and make sure that no vertices are selected. Then press Control-Alt-Shift-M all at the same time - this will show you the non-manifold vertices.

    I don't know how you made your letters and the hole in your pendant, but I think that caused you your problems as with the letters it seems to have created a hole in the mesh, and with the pendant hole there seems to be extra structure there that should not be.
  3. mbruinsma
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    Yes, you're right, non manifold vertices for the lettres and for the hole. I worked with Boolean modifier and then difference. This is not a good working way?
  4. AmLachDesigns
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    Normally the Boolean Modifier should work, but something clearly went wrong to leave you with such a mesh.

    I have always found Booleans to be a little special and sometimes buggy. All I can suggest is to go back to a saved version and perform the actions again. It's always worth checking each of the meshes first for duplicate vertices (remove doubles) and recalculating the Normals. I also only use the Boolean Modifier on its own, i.e. I make sure all other Modifiers have been applied before I try using it.

    Good luck!