My flute model isn't quite hollow

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  1. wbajzek
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    I made a model of a simple flute (fife, actually). and ordered a print in white strong&flexible. It came with a plug of material about 2" long about halfway through the bore, between the finger holes and mouth hole, so it doesn't actually work. I just checked my file again and it looks fine to me. Any idea why this would happen? That was a rather expensive mistake :(
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  2. stonysmith
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    Are you sure that the blockage is solid?
    It could just be 'loose' powder that is stuck in there.
    Try pushing on it with a rod or stick.
  3. wbajzek
    wbajzek New Member
    I tried... It's pretty solid, but also powdery. Maybe I can punch through if I'm persistent. Thanks for checking it for me.
  4. wbajzek
    wbajzek New Member
    That was it. I punched through and now it works. Thanks!
  5. stonysmith
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    Congrats.. Now, let us hear it... :)
  6. wbajzek
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    Here you go. Caveat; I play irish flute but don't really know about how to play a fife properly. I want to make a 3D printed copy of a 200-year old flute that I own, but it would cost so over $200 to print so I modeled this fife based on a known design from a book so I could try something much smaller and cheaper first. I wanted to be sure that the texture of the material wouldn't prevent the instrument from functioning properly.

    I made a recording last night but it didn't sound as good. I decided it was probably because of the texture of the surface making it hard to get a good seal on the fingerholes, so I sanded the outside with 500 grit sandpaper and it made a big improvement.

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    Oh, it is beautiful! thanks for sharing.
  9. lensman
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    Sounds good... now can we SEE it?

    I recently modeled an Ocarina for printing in ceramic but it was ridiculously expensive. Too bad. Maybe I can make it thinner and print in WSF.