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    I received my first group of parts for my creation. I had them made with the white strong and flexible and am impressed with the strength of the material. I ended up having to remove some material from a couple areas to get the parts to assemble for the head and found the material harder to remove than regular ABS plastic would have been. All in all I am pleased with the results so far and intend to create a few test pieces of some of the features to see how I will need to modify a copy of my working models for this process. Here are some pictures of the parts I had made in unassembled and assembled forms. I colored parts of the insert red to dramatize the eyes and nostrils. Let me know what you think. The head when assembled is approximately 5.5 inches from nose to end of horns. The complete assembly when finished will be aproximately 36 wide, 30 inches long, and 15 inches high.
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    WOw, this is really nice!

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    Custom (won't mention the brand) technical elements! Great idea. Given the very high tolerances the original product is made to, do the printed parts 'play well'?

    Looking forward to seeing the entire beast.
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    Most of the parts function well to design intent. The snap fit of the parts work, but only hold to a certain load, so I need to work on the tolerances a bit to get them to hold under more weight. This is most noticable on the wing finger joints. I will be making some test parts to see how much I need to adjust them to perform right.

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    My batch of test parts arrived and I have updated my models to the results. I have placed orders for more with the changes and can't wait to see the results. The new parts I have ordered will be for the front and rear legs and body. I will post new pics when I get them.

    Here are some pictures of the test parts and how they worked.


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