My first silver print!

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by owlposse, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. owlposse
    owlposse New Member
    I finally got around to ordering my banded ring in silver. It arrived earlier this week and even unpolished, it looked so cool! Dunno why I didn't order silver earlier.



    and here it is all finished up:


    I wrote a blog post on the process, if anyone's interested :)

    Shapeways delivered ahead of promised time as per usual for my orders. Fabulous work guys.
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  2. ItsVictorB
    ItsVictorB New Member
    Looks good! I love printing in silver. I like that you made this in Blender. I'm still a Blender newbie, but I think it's a really powerful tool. It's just so hard to use!
  3. Sapro
    Sapro New Member
    Really nice! I love the colour.
    I have been thinking of doing something similar for a while but never got round to do it :(
    great job!
  4. owlposse
    owlposse New Member
    Thank you ItsVictorB! And I agree, Blender has a really steep learning curve for sure.
    I had an advantage of a background in Lighwave, so it was more the learning of the buttons and workflows that I struggled with the most.

    It's worth it though, such a powerful, if somewhat clunky application.

    Thanks Sapro! If you do make something, make sure to show me! :)