My first silver design

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by HenrikRydberg, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. HenrikRydberg
    HenrikRydberg Shapeways Employee Design Team
    My very first silver 3D print arrived today!
    This is in polished silver (not the premium). I like how the limitations of the polishing actually bring out two different surfaces that work together very well.

    Finally print lines are working to my benefit... totally unexpected surprise :D
    Feeling really good about this design

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  2. dekaminski
    dekaminski New Member
    Its very yummie indeed, smaskens!
    Could u describe what software and the process of making it appear "folded"

    Great job!
  3. HenrikRydberg
    HenrikRydberg Shapeways Employee Design Team
    Thanks dekaminski!

    Way back in school I studied one year of Maya. Back then I made a promise, never to touch anything 3D again.
    Rewind years forward and I found myself at the core team of a startup, creating the 3D modelling web app :)

    So I might not be as good with promises, as I am lazy. I use Tinkercad for everything I do in 3D printing. The boolean method of adding and removing material is easy enough concept for my hill billy brain.

    I basically made each wing from a triangle, angled them correctly and and then cut out the material from the rear of the wing to simulate a fold (the thicker front part then looks like it has two layers). There were also few other slicings to make wings narrow towards the edges just a tad and to perfect the end shape, but that's just details.

    When it comes to small objects, Tinkercad isn't so good with rounded shapes due to the way it optimises tessellation. But when you're working with straight surfaces, it's a really quick tool for modelling.
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  4. dekaminski
    dekaminski New Member
    Aha, a simulated fold! :)
    I think the texture variations of the surface is tasty, whether its the result of design or manufacturing process.

    Thank you for the tip about Tinkercad, heard about it from lecturers back at uni.
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  5. AlanHudson
    AlanHudson Shapeways Employee Dev Team
    I still remember the first time I got print lines my voxel software, I was so happy my render was looking like the 3D print I didn't even mind the print lines!
    I suspect in a few years we'll see retro print lines added to stuff like the 8 bit craze to simulate the good old days.