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  1. Sapro
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    Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to share a couple of pictures of my first creation with shapeways!
    The final version is printed in silver glossy and polished.
    DSC02278 (640x480).jpg
    As it was expected it wasn't possible to polish inside the small groove but I think it gives a nice texture contrast.
    DSC02289 (640x480).jpg
    I have put some shot of the WSF prototype (with the gem intended for the silver ring) so you can see how good the details are in silver.
    DSC02286 (480x640).jpg
    The only issue is that shapeways left some of the building support in silver. So I will have to deal with these myself :cry:
    DSC02287 (640x467).jpg
    What do you think? Any ideas how to improve even more the surface finish of small silver features?
    I noticed a couple of "dirt' mark on the silver ring which were easily removed by hand.
    DSC02291 (640x474).jpg
  2. Sapro
    Sapro New Member
    Here we go the finished ring: polished and cleaned thoroughly and set with the gem! Let me know what you think. :)
    DSC02295 (640x480).jpg

    DSC02293 (640x445) (2).jpg

    DSC02299 (640x480).jpg
  3. MrFluffyThing
    MrFluffyThing New Member
    Amazing. Did you set the stone yourself? I'm looking at creating an Engagement ring sometime soon and would like to do this myself.
  4. Sapro
    Sapro New Member
    Thanks MrFluffyThing!
    Yes, I did set the stone myself by carefully spreading the prongs apart (they are little grooves in the tension prongs, see bottom pictures). Silver is very soft and bend easily so I had to be very careful.
    This was also an engagement ring and it was a hit :D
    However, we had the exact same ring made in gold by a jeweler with a real diamond, and I think no one was keen on this type of setting. They all said that if it catches on something it can pull the prongs apart and loose the diamond. My opinion is that there is nothing to be caught on as the prong "blend" into the diamond. 4 months she wears it daily and it is still there!

  5. MrFluffyThing
    MrFluffyThing New Member
    Later this year I'm going to attempt to design a simple silver ring with a setting for a Trillion cut CZ or Diamond stone. I'll keep your advice in mind. Thanks!
  6. natalia
    natalia New Member
    wow! this is SO beautiful! Love the setting incorporated into the design!
  7. SGDesigns
    SGDesigns New Member
    I have a question.Im thinking of doing something similar. The silver base directly below the diamond with a little hole on it. Does the diamond sit on it or it is hovering over it? I never understood the purpose for the hole unless its meant to keep it in place.
  8. BillBedford
    BillBedford New Member
    The stone should sit above the ring in the ring shank. The hole is there so that the point of the stone is protected, and that the finger is protected from the point of the stone.
  9. SGDesigns
    SGDesigns New Member
    Is there a website or store you recommend for good prices on CZ or natural black diamonds?
  10. MrFluffyThing
    MrFluffyThing New Member
    I'd love to know the same. Did you buy local or online?
  11. SGDesigns
    SGDesigns New Member
    I havent yet. Still looking for good options on clarity si1 or higher white diamonds or natural untreated black diamonds with no visible inclusions. I know two jewelers, Ill check with them and definitely post here if I find any good deals. Maybe ill start off with a lab grown while I search for the real one.

  12. Sapro
    Sapro New Member
    To SG Designs: What BillBedford said is true protecting the diamond and the finger is one of the reason for this hole to be there. I will add two other reason for this particular design: it helps locating the stone when I snap it in and it also prevent the diamond from being "twisted" out. This kind of setting can be "unsafe" if there is somewhere to catch the stone (or the claws) as it can make it pop out.

    For buying cz stone, this website offers very cheap ones:
    The one in the picture is not a cz diamond but a "simulant" from in the US. Apparently it is quite different than a CZ, but I am still not convinced by the difference in price...
    Finally for real diamond, as I don't like the idea of a mined diamond (neither did she by the way :) ), I bought a lab created diamond from Gemesis in the US to: There I can really tell the difference :) (but obvioulsy there is a huge difference in price to).

  13. Sapro
    Sapro New Member
    SG Designs,
    Proper lab grown diamond are real one (you can tell by their price to, even if they are a bit cheaper than mined one). You can find very good quality (near perfect in some case) which is very rare for mined one.
    Anything else (simulant, cz, etc) are not the same thing as a real diamond.
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  14. lensman
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