my first print i need help

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    I have found your model and had a look at this for you, but as you can see in my attachment there are some thin walls in the model and also this model has got too many shells in it which needs to be fixed. This is something you need to fix before we can print this for you.

    If you don't know how to fix this, you can always visit our forum. There you will find a lot of experienced designers who can help you out with this.

    ME: hey forum gurus im noob at printing can anybody explain me how to correct this shells and thin walls in blender?

    all i made it with boolean in blender make it 5mm faces and exported to stl, iv used repair in netfabb software and i was thinking is it all good to go but its still not... can any body explain me how to deal with thin walls and shells and what is it? and how thin should be wall?

    and here is my model: (repaired).stl