my first print, a silver ring

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by awieneke, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. awieneke
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  2. HappenstanceHeroes
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    Nice work! I think the sevens work together to create a notably pleasing design. Sort of reminds me of brambles, but less chaotic.
  3. awieneke
    awieneke New Member
    thank you,

    first i thought, it is to chaotic. usually i have more straight and clear designs. After wearing this ring for a day, i feel confortable with it.
    the sevens are not to clear, it is a little to discover.
  4. Ferfer93
    Ferfer93 New Member
    Looks cool, although I would have never noticed they were sevens if you hadn't said so.
  5. awieneke
    awieneke New Member
    thank you.
    yes, the sevens are not to easy to see.

    i love your 'good morning cup ' !!!
    I think about to order it.
    What kind of material would you prefer?
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  6. Ferfer93
    Ferfer93 New Member
    ¿For the cup? Well, actually I haven't bought it myself, but since it's a cup, I would go with ceramics. Also it's the cheapest one thanks to be priced by surface and not volume.

    I've been cheking out your shop and you have some very interesting stuff.
  7. ana_xyz
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    Hi! Just a heads up that we featured your 7s ring in Friday Finds this week. :)

  8. awieneke
    awieneke New Member
    Thank you !!!