My First Ever Ring Arrived

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by ChrisDaMan, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. ChrisDaMan
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    I've been sculpting for about 2 years now, and luckely I discovered shapeways early this January. I wasnt actually planning on print something, but seeing how easy and affordable it was I felt I had to try.

    So I decided to go with something small, a ring, always wanted to try design jewelry stuff. I know for sure this wont be my last print, and I will probably go for silver next time when it comes to jewelry because of tiny details. This time I went with steel, and I sorta like the look of it, it looks "old" medieval. Lacks detail tho. But i'm sure if I do a bust or fullfigure I'll go for steel if I can afford it. I might also try out some of the other cheaper materials, maybe white strong flexible. ( i'm kinda afraid tho, because I dont know how the different materials feel ).

    I'm surpriced my ring made it, wall tickness is 1mm all over the place. I didnt expect it to be doable. Since I didnt knew my ringsize, it turned out a little too big for my ringfinger, but fits perfect on my middle finger. It's so cool to see 3D modeled stuff printed. You just do model something on a computer and suddenly you can hold it in your hands.

    What a great feeling :D ( and seriously, did they hire supermann for shipment? When shipped, it took 2 days and it was right outside my door ) Netherlands to Norway.

    IMG_4621.jpg IMG_4619.jpg
  2. tinypurpletreehouse
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    What a cute design! It turned out very good as well.
    I know it can be a bit scary to order stuff here, cause you don't know how they turn out.
    I just ordered my first rings as well, in Stainless Steel and in the strong & flexible material. The first material turned out very well and I wear them everyday. The plastic ones have nice colors. They feel a little rough, but have more detail than the steel ones. I haven't worn them though.. Maybe because the steel ones feel more like 'real' jewelry. But with a tiny model you can always try out the plastics. It isn't that expensive ;)
    I also like to try silver sometime, but that's a bit too expensive right now haha

    Have fun experimenting, designing and printing!

    Anne Lien
    ~ tiny purple treehouse
  3. lensman
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    Nice design.


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  4. PaulGBoone
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    This is awesome! What 3D software do you use to get those nice fillets?
  5. PlainOrb
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    Do you get a link to this model ? I would like to add it to favorite.
  6. ChrisDaMan
    ChrisDaMan New Member
    For this ring I didnt use any other software than ZBrush.

    I'm not sure how this works, setting up a "shop" here, and uploading different sizes. Maybe inn the future I will, but right now, I dont have time :(