My first 28mm Miniature arrived

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  1. Shoba
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    I know, she really does not look much like a ninja. But she's based upon a friend character from a Cyberpunk RPG, which is basically a trained stealth material arts assassin ... which could be described as Ninja :D. Still a little bit to big, so she does not yet fit together with all the other 28mm miniatures I have.
    ninja 02.jpg ninja 01.jpg ninja 04.jpg ninja 03.jpg
  2. duann
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    Nice work.

    What did you model it in and how long did it take?
  3. Shoba
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    Thanks. My workflow is far from perfect (as is my polycount and my knowledge of human anatomy :3), so it took me quite a while. I worked on it for about a month, but since I did it in my spare time, I assume total work time should be around 20-30 hours.

    I created a base mesh with sculptris, used 3d Coat to retopologize this one, used Blender to pose said model, used 3d coat once again to make another retopo, imported said model into sculptris to add the final details. The Head was done in Sculptris alone, the Guns, the Blades on her back and the base were made with Blender.
  4. Looks good - the pose is very dynamic. I can appreciate the amount of time this probably took (and I'm glad that you don't work as slowly as I do - when working from scratch, I took several months just to make the base human mesh)

    For anatomy reference, I would suggest getting a book from the library such as /0195052064. I found that particular book tastefully enlightening.

    A (lengthy) comment regarding durability (YMMV): I would be careful with only one foot on the ground. The pose is very neat, and appears balanced. However, I believe the single foot is a serious breakage risk, especially at 28mm scale. When you paint this, I would suggest some reinforcement using transparent glue or sealant. Even some of my larger models seem a little risky to me, despite more contact with the base. WSF should be relatively strong, but the FUD is probably fragile at that point. The hair might be a little thin also. I say all this because I've inadvertently broken a few things I printed, which is entirely my fault for not being careful. I don't want you to have the same problem.

    EDIT: Dear Shapeways, either I am misusing links or the URL tag does not work very well.
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    Thanks, but as it turned out to be, the major weakpoint of this model are not her feet. Gravity can be a cruel mistress sometimes, and since gravity happens all the time her right arm came off. Could be, because of the printing process (I uploaded the first version of this model horizontally, which could be the reason why the foot is rather stable its "Layers" or whatever you call these, are interlocked with the base, well the arms lets say, was not so lucky. (Bonus Irony: The swords on her back, which are really, REALLY Fragile, are still intact... I have to make those a lot bigger next time :3)

    The book you recomended looks pretty fine to me, I do use [this book] from time to time, works pretty fine as well, but for this certain character I used a superhero reference sheet :3.

    But I think for my next Miniature I'll take the games workshop approach of slightly cartoonish/distorted anatomy (bigger head, stronger arms and legs), since those are a) easier to paint and b) a lot more stable.
  6. I dearly want to know what you did to make that link appear properly. :D
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    Your amazon URL has a dot at the end, make sure the URLs have one or more spaces before and after, so forum software creates the right target. Like /0195052064 . Notice the dot is text color and not link color, and compare to your post.

    Also you can use the URL icon [​IMG] to insert links with a different text, just write the text between the ][. Or write all that code yourself, like [ url=something-http-here ]link text[ /url ] (without spaces).