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Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by Gosric, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Gosric
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    Finally after all sorts of issues trying to get the walls and guns to print my Earth Fleet arrived,(Edited to add somewhat better pics), Along with the space pirate battleship Lorelei...It took forever to get it right but now i have the 'formula' (i sound like a mad scientist *L*) The triple turrets each have individual barrels,and the bridge has the correct windows etc which, along with hull thickness, were the main details responsible for all my remodelling. Persistence pays.. (and on that note i would like to thank the people who ordered ships from me and continued to do so even after they wouldnt print at first)
    (coming up, fighters, a frigate, torpedo bomber and some adversaries)

    Loreleiphoto.jpg Earth cruiser.jpg Earth battleship.jpg Earth destroyer.jpg
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  2. That looks beautiful. How big is it, and what material did you print it in?

  3. Gosric
    Gosric New Member
    Thank you, It is little over 5 and a half inches, it is designed to be used with the Space Cruiser Yamato Cosmo Fleet collection series from Japan (Starblazers ships etc) and It is the white strong and flexible material..
  4. Nane
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    I was just going to say it reminded me of Space Cruiser Yamato. Very fun. Definitely some retro love on these forums.

    Yeah it's very rewarding to get past those errors. I finally got past the "manifold" and sizing issues with some test uploads. Were your issues due to minimum wall thickness concerning the size of your pieces?
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  5. Gosric
    Gosric New Member
    yes it was, that and i was originally insetting the gun barrels before i realized that it wasn't needed on this scale and made the tips too thin
  6. Nane
    Nane New Member
    I see. I keep trying to upload this miniature base by itself to check the dimensions but I keep getting the "wall thickness error". It is definitely thicker than a millimeter so it should be printable in some materials. I've read some people on here attach a sprue for small parts which helps get by that. All good!
  7. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    You shouldn't be getting a thickness error, you should be getting a build volume area error.
  8. Nane
    Nane New Member
    You are correct sir,

    I guess I just zoned in on "wallthickness". So does that mean the part is just too small by itself?
  9. Possibly. What are the dimensions?

  10. Gosric
    Gosric New Member
    it was mostly manifold isues with me, but the inset guns were the cause of the wall thickness problems
  11. Nane
    Nane New Member
    I wish I knew! I don't have any program to tell me. I just scaled it next to a figure that I uploaded and Shapeways said the figure was 21mm. I'm guessing the base I am trying to upload is 2mm thick x10x15mm wide. No biggie though, the only reason I tried to upload the base is to know how big it is!
  12. berky93
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    When I think of Lorelei, my head turns all around.
    As gentle as a butterfly, she moves without a sound...

    ...sorry, stuck in my head now. Those are very nice ships.