"Musette" A Small Oboe in F

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  1. Whystler
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    Hey all,

    I've been working long hours on this :) It's a musical instrument called a "musette", which is very much like the smallest member of the oboe family, modernly called a piccolo oboe.

    I couldn't STAND it!! I had to order it. And to afford it, I've sworn off chocolate bars for the next few months. I can't wait to see, to hold it, and most of all to put a reed in it and play it to hear what it's individual voice sounds like!! When I get it, I'll definately be posting pictures, and probably also an mp3 so you can hear what it sounds like too.

    This one, in terms of size, wall thickness, internal shaping, and hole size/placement, is based on measurements taken from a historical original.

    The body was made using a lathe tool and the holes drilled out in Flux Studio 2.0

    The decoration is all mine :) I made the little greenman face by painting a heightmap by hand in Corel Photopaint, and then applying it with a displacement modifer on a tube-primitive in 3DStudio Max. I later put a little bit of a spherical modifier on it, to give him a little more of a woggle look. He's so cute.

    I learned a few new tricks in max by using twist and taper modifiers that helped to make the spirally flutes towards the top and on the bells.



    So those are the auto-smoothed versions, along with a properly sized credit card to show a little scale. It's a small instrument about the size of a sopranino recorder (the next size smaller than the standard soprano recorder you probably played in grade 6).

    But these are the actual meshes without material smoothing, and I wonder what your experience can tell me about how much sanding I will need to do once I get the model... Or will these facets dissapear due to the scale of the model?



    :) I hope you like it enough to vote for it here:


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  2. Dalhimar
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    Looks great! i hope it comes out nicely, and that it reproduces the sound for you accurately. but you never know with some materials.
    Assuming that you did SW&F then the material is easy to work with in terms of smoothing, just take a sheet of fine to very fine sand-paper to it and it should smooth out pretty fast. On my test models i was able to even get them smoothed some by just scraping them with my fingernail(only the small defects due to the nature of the material+print process). When you get it, the material will be slightly rough, but can be smoothed by any hard object run over it, such as a blade, whetstone, or sandpaper. For the finer details on the face, you might consider using a tool such as a pick or detail file so you can clean up all the little details and get into the grooves. As far as holding paint or stain, i have not tested those yet to see if they hold on the material.
    Really hope this works out for you!
  3. Whystler
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    Thanks for your insight Dalhimar! You wouldn't happen to have any pictures of your test objects before or after cleaning would you?

  4. Dalhimar
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    I have not really cleaned them up much as i have been trying some stress test and chemical resistance test with them. but heres a pic of them anyways, its a lil blurry since its a webcam and not made for closeups. The material feels like a beach rock, it is slightly rough while still looking smooth, this little bit of roughness is the only part that you can actually scrape off with your fingernail, while it also files your nail =P
  5. Whystler
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    This is really good info. Thanks for the pics.

    Your work surface looks (not quite) as cluttered as mine! Is that red and white cylinder a little firecracker?

  6. Dalhimar
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    *evil smirk*
    Mebe =P
    As i said, ive been stress testing, and thats gona be one of the test. Im just wondering if the material will melt from the flashfire of the explosion, sending bits of molten nylon like material everywhere, or if it will be like a shrapnel grenade...
    and this is about as clean as it gets, i have a big big setup at the moment with a full tower(taller than normal towers) PC, a 32"inch TV as my monitor with a 19" for general use, a custom 12" speaker colum, and a corner used for David-scanner setup. that black pad is my tablet, above the firecracker is a random stick of RAM, , i have the H3 limited edition helmet in the corner, my dragons, random bits of chainmail i work on, and god knows what else lying around the desk....

    That little bit of tan is a Fritto also lol
    and incase you dont get the picture, my desk is a mess...
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