Multiple Material Products (MMP)

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    My name is Andrew Battle head CEO of BattleTech Industries and i use shape ways a lot. i see potential in this business and i have an idea to revolutionize the products here.

    Many shop owners know that to make a product here that has multiple parts is a challenge so what i would like to see is that the shop firmware be upgraded. So that if say i had a cup that had a lid and i wanted the cup to be made from food safe ceramic & the lid made from detail plastic. But i would like to combine them into one product to be sold that way a customer who wanted said cup wouldn't have to search my entire profile to find the lid.

    This Idea Dubbed the: "Multiple Material Product" would allow shop owners to choose their models material and then sell the combined amount of models as a set thus creating a sort of collection of easy to find items. shop owners could take a pair of earrings and a necklace and combine them; with the help of shapeways maybe on specific holidays a few of the top popular market sets would drop by 20-40% off creating highs and lows of revenue.

    This idea is also original, i know of no other 3d printing service that does this. this meaning that shapeways could be in history as a greater trend starter then before.

    Think about it, the pen is in your hands, the rest of your future remains unwritten.

    -Andrew Battle
    BattleTech Industries

  2. Innovo
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    I think you are talking about the ''Product Sets Mod'' option. You can find it at the labs section.

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    Thanks A_Battle,

    Innovo is right, we call this 'product sets' internally. There's a hack available on Shapeways Labs, but we're tracking this as an all-round improvement.