multiple full color sandstone parts help

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    Edit: model has arrived 0&#msg_46200

    hey there
    i want to create lots of these "Pips' (see drawing) in an array of colors.

    there are no features smaller than 0.5mm

    is the spacing between the objects sufficient at 1mm total distance......or would it be better a 2mm?

    in the image there is 6 pips......this is one set......i wish to print around 15 to 20 of these:

    what kind of bounding box is best? should i stack them or have them tessellating along a single plane?
    can i simply connect them by adding posts.......or if anyone can post links to previous examples? not the bearing i have already seen that one. ^^

    what does 'medium accuracy' mean on the design rules page, its a bit ambiguous?
    this project requires a push fit.......original post here: mp;a mp;start=0&

    ......and finally.....sry about this but i have never added colour....and the help page talks about textures and uv maps. this is beyond me
    i use solidworks 2011 ....... since each set will be one solid color is it as simple as applying an appearance? i hope it is but seriously doubt it!

    don't feel like u have to answer all the questions to reply.......if u only know one answer id be grateful to hear it.

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  2. skatersollie
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    what are u trying to do? Think the 1mm you are reffering to is for if you want to create interlocking parts..if they are separate pieces it won't matter what size you set them apart...I think the recommendation is 1mm for interlocking parts..
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    You need a gap of .9mm to prevent fusing during the printing process. Which is why interlocking parts require .9mm as well. And if I'm not mistaken, all free parts must meet the minimum bounding box of 25x38x20cm individually, not as a whole. So I think you'd have to join them together.

    If you can export VRML in Solidworks, you should be able to set a color to the part, and the color should transfer over. If not, Check out the 3D Applications section. You can file all you need to know about color maps. But from what I've read Solidworks exports vrml(.wrl extension) with color when applied to solids.
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    excellent advice thanks