Motor adjustment via shapeways

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by Mortimer, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Mortimer
    Mortimer New Member
    Hi Shapeways & Forum,

    My Model arrived!!!
    But I have to start earlier:

    That's my tiny motorcycle. I've got a problem with the adjustment of the motor idling speed, especially in this cold time of the year. Sometimes the motor dies shortly after the start, because the cold motor wants more fuel and rotations. And when the motor is warm, its rotation speed is too high, it doesn't sound good and it gets too hot while standing.

    There's a screw to adjust the idling, but I can't even take a picture of it because it's so hidden. So I want a "remote control" for the speed idling. But how to do this?

    Every time I drive, I see this "control center", which is printed by shapeways (I'm very happy with it). So I've started to create a device for the idling problem that could be printed by shapeways again.

    First of all I disassembled the carburetor from the bike and took a look at the screw that screws me.

    After that I've drawn the carburetor in CAD.

    Then I've created a worm gear.
    But where's the remote control?

    I've found a flexible shaft at ebay, it's originally a speedometer shaft, it costs about 2 €. ( hwarz-/270842453140)

    That's the actual design of the device.

    Here's a section view.

    The easiest step was the production (for me ;)), I've uploaded the STL-File and ordered it in polished WSF (if you're interested:

    to be continued
  2. Mortimer
    Mortimer New Member
    I love to open the shapeways packages, I get always excited like a little child.

    I'm very happy with the result.

    After cleaning the parts with a Dremel I've painted them (I love to do unnecessary things).

    The picture above shows the assembly. I've used M2 screws.

    I was surprised by the smooth movability of the gear.

    Now I have to cut the flexible shaft...

    ...and fix it with the driven worm.


    The worm gear will drive a simple hexagonal bit.

    That's the other side of the shaft with the rotary knob and its holder.
  3. Mortimer
    Mortimer New Member
    Then it was time to connect the device with the carburetor.


    The adjusting knob is installed near the handle bar of the bike.

    (someday I will clean the bike)

    Now I can easily adjust the motor idling.


    Thank you Shapeways!

    Regards, Martin
    (I'm sorry, my English isn't the best)
  4. Kasss_Gnarl
    Kasss_Gnarl New Member
    That's so impressive, I love it!
  5. chris89
    chris89 New Member
    Very impressive :)
  6. pfeifferstylez
    pfeifferstylez New Member
    Bei Shapeways gibt's ja inzwischen so einiges...
    Naja, überwiegend wohl Schmuck und irgendwelchen mehr oder minder dekorativen Nippes...
    Inzwischen ist das hier auch ein beliebter Spielplatz für Modellbauer allerlei Maßstäbe...

    Wahrscheinlich spricht da der Maschinenbauer in mir,
    aber DAS ist mit Abstand der beste (u.a. weil der sinvollste^^) Einsatz dieser 3D-Druck Technologie der mir hier bisher untergekommen ist.

    Ich hoffe du bist auch noch in irgendwelchen Krad-Foren oder sowas aktiv, und publizierst (auch) da dein Projekt...
    Jedenfalls werde ich, vorausgesetzt das da von deiner Seite aus kein Ausdruck den Missfallens in meinem Postfach landet, den Link zu diesem Thread nächste Woche an mindestens zwei Technikerschulen rundreichen.

    Ich schreib' das auf deutsch weil mir dafür auf englisch grad echt die Worte fehlen. ^^
  7. 2SeeKU
    2SeeKU New Member

    Very impressive work. It's applications like this that get me truly excited with the future of 3D printing.

    How does it hold up with the heat from the engine?
  8. SheilaMunro
    SheilaMunro New Member
    This is so cool. Great work!
  9. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Ingenious solution to what should be a non-existant problem. :cool:

    In your second image, you clearly show the choke, the choke is for increasing the fuel to air ratio and should also be connected to the throttle linkage on the carb to increase the revs - the choke is used for cold starting. :rolleyes:


  10. Impressive to say the least.

    I love solutions to problems like this which are so complex, yet work perfectly :)
  11. Mortimer
    Mortimer New Member
    Hello everyone, thank you very much for your kind words.

    Hi pfeiffer stylez, thank you, very nice comment (how did you noticed I'm from Germany ;)). Of cause you can show this to others, I would be happy.

    Hi 2SeeKU, you've asked about the heat: The motor itself produces oil temperatures about 100° to 110° C, but the carburetor gets not so hot, maybe 50 °C. I'f it's very cold, I get more problems to avoid a freezing of this part.

    Hi stop4stuff, you're right, that's the choke. I have to pull it to get the engine started, but it doesn't solve my idling speed problem (the idling motor speed with enabled choke is much too high).

  12. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Yep, that would seem to describe you!. Excellent job on finding a solution to your problem.