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  1. stop4stuff
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    How is the shop ranking of 'most popular' worked out?

    I have items ranking highly that have not sold more than once or twice, yet my 'most popular' selling items do not feature at all on the first page of shop results.

    My suggestion.

    Make 'most popular' relate to the most popular items sold.


    [edit] Shapeways 'Most Popular' bears no similarity to google analytics for pages views, and google analytics corresponds with what I feel to be my most popular selling items... so wft Shapeways?

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  2. Onyriade
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    I'm also quite interested by the answer to this question I must say !
  3. wedge
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    Good Question.
    If I search for sth. I wonder that Items without a photo (only SW Render) and no description are in front Items with items with good and professional photos and description.
  4. kzasada
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    Hi all--

    I Posted this elsewhere earlier today, but our "Most Popular" sort takes into account information like sales and favorites in addition to page views. Our thinking is that if a model is purchased many times, we should also include that in popularity even if it doesn't have all the page views of another model (which in theory may have never been purchased.)

    We have considered adding things like "Has a photo" or similar metadata to the filters, but haven't gotten quite that sophisticated yet. It is hard to tell-- just because you have a render but your print hasn't arrived yet, does that make your product any less relevant to me if I'm searching for model trains? In the day & age of 3d printing we're enabling rapid prototyping, I don't love the idea of penalizing something for not being "relevant" just because it is new.

    Perhaps the answer is in letting people browse products that are more "complete"-- have a picture, description, and printed before; and separately you can browse brand new models-- only has a render, maybe not printed ever before. What do you think?


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  5. Onyriade
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    Hi Kate,

    In my opinion, your idea of separating the "most popular" into "most recent", "most liked/viewed" and/or add a filter to only show items that have been printed at least once and that display photos instead of virtual renders would be indeed a great improvement.

    What is needed is more transparency I guess.

    As for a "best sellers" category, is it discussed at all ? Not that I'd like that but just to know what's cooking @ Shapeways.

    Thanks for your answer
  6. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member

    My analysis is that 'most popular' has nothing to do with page views or sales.
    My most popular items by Google analytics page views corresponds with my best selling items.
    I have no clue about 'most favourited' and I would certainly not expect a non-exsistant item i.e. render only with no sales, to be at the top of the list.

    It used to be that my most popular items (sales & views) were at the top of the list, but no more... what changed?