Morph and Cellular Bangles

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by nervoussystem, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. nervoussystem
    nervoussystem New Member

    To celebrate launching our new version of the Cell Cycle app, I used it to create a new piece of jewelry for our collection. Still needs a name, but I'll call it the Cellular Bangle for now. It came out great in Stainless Steel and Silver.

    Stainless steel


    I also ordered an older design, the Morph Bangle in Silver Glossy. Which came out great as well, the polish was very even and no bad spots. Very impressed with this piece.


    Both are for sale now in our Shapeways shop:
    Morph Silver Bangle
    Cellular Bangle
  2. tinypurpletreehouse
    tinypurpletreehouse New Member
    Really pretty jewelry, so intricate! I checked out the app as well, nice job!
  3. henryseg
    henryseg Well-Known Member
    The app is very, very cool.
  4. nervoussystem
    nervoussystem New Member
    thanks guys! glad you liked the app