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  1. AmLachDesigns
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    I think it would be good to allow each designer to have more than one shop. At the moment either you can make a shop concentrating on a certain type of Model e.g. jewelry, but not being able to publicly show your other stuff or you can have a Shop with all your different Models in but which lacks impact and focus. Like mine ...

    Of course it is possible to sign up with a different email address, but for me this would be better.
  2. bartv
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    I can see the value of this idea, but to be honest this is probably more a long-term thing as it impacts only a small part of our shop owners community. We'll keep the suggestion on our list though!

  3. AmLachDesigns
    AmLachDesigns Well-Known Member
    No, I understand that this is not a high priority, and there are other things to see to first.

    But if as many designers do, one has diverse interests, it becomes totally impossible to create a coherent look to the Shop. And that is without the current problems with display order in the Shop. Which renders the advice in the Shop Challenge all rather moot...
  4. MrNib
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    I think this would be a good option in the future. If you have highly divergent groups of products in terms of use or sales numbers it would make sense to break out a new store. If you have a huge number of products that drown out the more successful ones sales are negatively impacted simply because a shopper my not easily find the more appealing items. For example someone might want to better separate their "hobby" items from general consumer items.

    As far as doing that there are probably several paths.

    1. Be able to break out a shop section into a new store with the press of a button. That would require removal of those items from one store and insertion into a new one. Perhaps the name pf the shop section could be used as the name of the new store (if available of course). One potential problem I can see with that is that the item permalink might need to change depending on how the guts of Shapeways architecture is set up. You would probably like to keep the permalink if it has been used in off-site advertising.

    2. Be able to open a store with an e-mail that is already being used for another store. I started out with a practice store so I know you can't have the same primary e-mail address for different stores but you can have the same e-mail address for your paypal account. Why is that?

    3. A work-around in the meantime might be to set up aliased Google e-mail accounts for new stores and just open up new ones the old fashioned way. I don't have aliased Google accounts but I understand you can switch between them in the same log-on session.

    OR, this can also be addressed with better ways to structure and organize individual stores. Maybe there will we a Shop Owner's challenge on this subject in the future (or did I miss that one?). The ordering of products in the store relative to shop sections, etc. is a "what ways are best" mystery to me and the manage inventory page is somewhat of a kluge with all of the models mixed together with the actual store items. Some additional sort options for the store might also help here, such as sort by "section" or "section and alphabetical" etc. That's why I came up with the goofy way of adding special characters to the front of each model name such that when using alphabetical sorting models in the same store section would group together. Of course some special characters cause html problems so that's not a great solution in the long run and there are only so many special characters.

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  5. Keymaker
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    Few days back i was thinking about this too. I could break my shop into 3 separate shots right away....